Welcome to Renew Mama

About Me


I am Gabby the empowered woman of Renew Mama! A blessed mum of three children, A lover of lifting heavy weights and transformations in all things mind, body and soul. I am ready to level up in providing services tailored to help others.

I have always had a passion for healing through touch, massage therapy techniques and helping others through self care routines, creating a safe space while advocating mental and physical wellbeing and how important this is for everyone.

When I am not dedicating my time to being a loving mum, You will find me hustling at the gym getting uncomfortable, plugging into all healing work to be my best self, while empowering others and challenging myself, or spending family time which is always so important.

I strongly BELIEVE in the power of “filling your own cup, so you can authentically hold space from your over pour into helping some one else in need” You cant do this from an empty cup! I make advocating mental a priority, I walk the talk, a compassionate bright personality that has so much to give.

Love to chat and see how I can help you!